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Located at Germany's fastest growing Business Airport EDLN in Mönchengladbach, it is our pleasure to make individual travel even more comfortable for you and your passengers. 

We offer a wide variety of crew and passenger related services which you may find below. 

We understand the needs of your customers and crew and it is our passion to make their stay at Mönchengladbach Airport convenient. This is why we specialized in individual support and services. 

From concierge services such as hotel bookings and transport organization to more specific needs like catering, provisioning or aircraft cleaning services, we have you covered. 

We also offer a lounge and reception area for your passengers in case they arrive early. If you want to give them that welcoming airline feel without the airport hassle - we are your partner! 


Business Aviation Catering is a challenge. We are happy to take it. Your Passangers surely want to enjoy a snack, breakfast, lunch or even a haute cuisine dinner. High standards are expected by your customers and they are our minimum to start with. 

We provide state of the art catering perfectly fitted to your passengers needs. May it be a small snack on that 45 minute short leg to a business meeting, or a full three course diner on a 3h trip to the Mediterranean - we provide you with perfectly plated and ready to eat or ready to heat food at short notice. You will like the looks. Your passengers will love the taste. 

Working with a regional high class restaurant as a provider we are confident to deliver one of the best catering services in the industry. 

Please use the contact form below for your order and allow us at least 24 Hours to proceed your order and prepare the desired meals. Orders may also be placed via email: aviationservices@flugwerk24.de


There are two things in the life of a business aviation crew member that are crucial for every passenger experience on a flight: coffee and ice. We always offer a freshly brewed coffee for you. No matter if your passenger wants a quick coffee on the go before boarding or if your crew needs a full can of coffee for the actual trip. We got this! Just come by our store in the terminal of Mönchengladbach Airport or pre order here. We always offer a high quality roast and do accept special wishes within short notice. Same goes for ice. We always have blocked or crushed ice in stock. 


Sometimes it is the little things that make a difference. A taxi for your crew? Limousine service for your guests? Or maybe just a hotel booking. We work with the best hotels in Mönchengladbach and Düsseldorf and with multiple individual transport companies to make sure the your or your passengers doesn't start or end at Mönchengladbach Airport but right at your destination. 

Feel free to contact us with all special requests. We will always make sure that every single journey is unique and special. 

An concierge services can be used in our Mönchengladbach facility. 


We are in a fast paced and demanding industry. Often your charters come in at a very short notice. Maybe the awesome interior of your plane is not up to the standards your passengers expect as it just came from another flight, or you just want to make sure that there is that extra touch of shiny. No matter why and when: our cleaning experts will take care of the cabin and bring it to a better than new state within the shortest time possible. We have 20+ years of experience in aircraft cleaning and are more than happy to provide you with this perfect and insured service 


We provide a modern and comfortable lounge at Mönchengladbach Airport with sofas, a dedicated workspace, snacks, drinks and a comfortable place for a little rest before your crews and passengers flight. Our lounge and staff can be booked on an hourly base. If you have any special needs - let us know. We are here to take care! 


Are you interested in our services or need to book a specific service? Pleas contact us through the contact form below or send us an email to aviationservices@flugwerk24.de 

We are happy to provide you with prices but please be aware that catering is individual and therefore priced upon offer.